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My Trip

Why am I doing the Trip

Hello to all

Some of you may know why I am travelling to the south of France and some may not. The reason behind the travel is after my wife Val and I returned from our river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam in 2009 Val asked me where I would like to go for MY next holiday, don't choose a place where she would like to go or thing she would like to see just what I want to do. After jokingly saying China. Val questioned me again saying be serious where would YOU like to go, and without hesitation I said the South of France for 3 months, without the seed planted in my thoughts by Val I would not be doing this trip.

Val died 17th April 2011 and I am now going on My trip

The following blog and photos I dedicate to Val's memory

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Train Trip


semi-overcast 16 °C

Hello All
Well the weather in Paris was great 8 in the morning and 21 degrees during the day. Paris is a beautiful city. I walked from my hotel to Notre Dame and then to the Louvre over the two days and never got lost. The people are friendly as well greeting you with Bon Jour and a smile. Boarded my train to Florensac then had to catch two buses and walk a little almost made it but the last bit took a left instead of a right,so back to the village map and got it right then. My hostess is a very friendly lady named Joelle and her daughter is LLivia no spelling mistakes here.
A bit cool this morning but is starting to warm now Paris is having snow according to weather tracker. Well off to expolre more of the village but before I go The lovely smile belongs to Juliette at my hotel and the other is me waiting to enter the Louvre

bon Soir for now

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Day Trip Out


overcast 16 °C

Hi All
Thanks for your comments and feedback much appreciated. Yesterday 11/04/2012 Joelle invited me along for the ride while she dropped off Llivia and friend to the cinema. Well it was a very nice drive in the countryside and when we arived at Beziers I was stunned by it's beauty.
So far the weather has been moderate compared to Paris which is cold wet stormy everthing nasty at the moment. enouch chatter I will show you some photos taken by Joelle as I did not realise I should have taken my camera enjoy the photos. I will return to Beziers when the bikes arive and take some photos myself. Ron

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St Thibery

A Little Walk

sunny 18 °C

Hi all
Went for a little walk on Saturday Afternoon14/04 2012 to the remains of a Roman bridge and 13th century mill Joelle talked about
The walk was 3klms each way 1/2 hrs walk very pleasant weather for a walk On the way I picked up a butterfly(a real one) and took it 2klm before I could take a photo without being bowled over by a truck or something When I go for a bike ride I will go back to visit the village anyhow I have put as many photos as I can on the page
The beer was good at the end of the walk
On Wednesday I pick up the hire car to do my trip to visit the castle Chambord,Chenonceauand Mont St Michel
Best to all Ron

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Today 17/04/2012

Vals Passing

Hi All
Today marks the first annivessary of Val's passing
But we must move on
I am going to get a little philosophical but these are my views

A necessity that needs to be endured as without it you cannot enjoy anything

Where do I start
Making miniatures of ones self and watching them grow to hopefully great individuals
Having a second chance at happiness and watch the world go round in all it's glory
Having life taken away from you and you cannot do anything to stop it

That's it Enjoy life


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