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Road Trip

Chateau De Val

rain 2 °C

Hi all
Wow What a day reach altitude 1121 mtrs temp 1degree outside what a magnificent drive from Florensac. Should take 4hrs max I took 6 hrs but stopped for a look see . The Via Duct Millau is a fantastic feat of engineering and the scenery is to die for . I wish I had someone with me to record the great sites I am seeing on the way. The people as is all of France are great they try to please to the utmost the quiseine is to die for really I had a roast beef salad to start then a fantastic chicken meal followed by the best creme broulle there is .Well I will post a few shot and hope you enjoy them as I did taking them

Best to all Ron

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Castle Visit

Chambord and Chenonceau Castle

12 °C

Hi all
Started to with drizzle rain and 4 degrees as distance and time progressed the temp went down to -1degree and the rain turned to sleet
Both the castles that I visited today are magnificent I did not have time to go inside the first one Chambord as the last tour had just started and the next would have made the day longer and i want to know where my bed was by no later than 6pm.
As can be seen from the photos I took it is humungous I overheard a guy saying in some places the wall were a metre thick The grounds were spectacular and emense
Chenonceau was beautiful as you can see from the photos I took inside, as I came out of the Castle it drizzled again Maybe I should have gone to Barcelona by the way train photo of the train is to seperate Chambord first then Chenonceau second
Meet a friendly couple Cathleen and Phillip (I hope I have your name right) both professional writers better start using spell checker. Also meet two lovely ladies from Quebec Jacinthe and Micheline

I will detail more photos later time for dinner soon after a little bit of skyping. Hope you are still enjoying the photos and dialogue let me know


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Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel

overcast 12 °C

WOW and Double WOW
The trip was very good today no wrong turns at all I must be getting use to driving reading French sign posts ,navigating and trying to see the sights at 110+ klms per hr I even reahecd 130klms today on dry roads.
It was a great drive with a little bit of rain until I arrive at the Grandious site of Mont St Michel then the sky opened up.Spent a least 2 hrs walking around exploring the shoping spent up big really good quality stuff here bought plenty of gifts and enjoyed the sights to be seen a strong wind was blowing but what the heck. It is a special place and a wonder to visit I want to come back again and stay a while and explore the place in depth . I went in the chapel and lite a candle for Val as I did at Notre Dame Cathederal
I am in two minds to stay another day here or revisit Mont St Michel then make my way back to Florensac
I meet two lovely receptionists Adelaide and Elise they gave the warmest greeting when they meet you
Hope you enjoy the photos

off for a beer and dinner


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Beziers and Marseillan Plage

sunny 18 °C

Hi to all
Hope I still have your interest in my blog ,if so don't forget to leave comment (everyone can) This last week was almost a total mess first caught a cold nearly gone now second on my way back from Marseillan Plage on the bike I was clipped by a passing car luckily I was hanging on tight to the bike
The first lot of pics are from Beziers the main city near here very overcast but sick of being inside so caught the bus in A bit of a festival going on something to do with camels?Also there are photos of the Cathedral of the Nazarine with a commanding view of its surrounds The next lot were from yesterdays bike ride to Marseillan Plage(beach) a round trip of 24klms About 4klms out the skies turned blue Oh happy days !
The whole town is being refreshed and the main street ends at the beach front plenty of eateries shopping and cool bars to choose from worth the visit

Enjoy the photos and let me know Eh!

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Sitges Spain

South of the border

sunny 23 °C

Hello to all
Well I am back writing my blog again. After nearly three weeks getting over this cold of mine I am fully back to myself again.
Sitges - a place in the sun. The drive was great and I am now use to driving at the minimum speed of 120klms an hr on the other side of the road as one does in Europe. A very uneventful drive fantastic road and Sitges was really easy to get to even with my hand drawn map.
My hotel the Santa Maria is at the doorstep to the Med just walk across the road then the broadwalk and into the calm of the Medeterranean Ocean.
Sitges is a lively town with plenty for all to see and do from shopping to visiting galleries and historic sites as well, the people are as everywhere I have be so far very polite and friendly always a hello and a smile. My three days there was very good with a 2 hr walk along the many beaches after brekky then sit on the beach for some tanning (which I got a lot of) then a wade along the beach and a pint or three to finish off. Most people seem to start the day at around 10.30 am and finish around 11pm with some hanging out til 4.30am. Saturday there was a festival and the place was packed as you can see from the pics I took.The food was great the beer cold and the accomodation was really tops especially the location a balcony overlooking the beach what more does one need.
Right now the sun is shining in Florensac good stuff

Hope you like the photos and get an ideal of what Sitges is like


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